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Please note that your uploaded artwork is subject to being converted into embroidery and as such may not reproduce every element of the design perfectly.

Benefits of Embroidered Badges

There are some embroidered logos/images that are better delivered on a separately supplied 'embroidered badge' or 'embroidered patches' rather than being stitched directly onto the garment.

This is for a number of reasons:

  1. The garment may already be in possession of the recipient and the logistics of getting it (along with all of the others) to the embroidery machine may be financially prohibitive.
  2. The location on the garment where the embroidery is to be placed might be unsuitable for the embroidery machine.
  3. The stitch density of the logo/image might be too great for the receiving garment's material to hold well.
  4. There might be a financial case for having a larger number of badges created in one go than there are recipients at the present time, such as with a school or a sports club.
  5. You may only want to pay for the badge and have the recipients pay for the garment that badge will be sewn too.